Warfare 1944

Warfare 1944

As if this isn’t bad enough, the infamous Adolf Hitler’s chancellorship begins in 1933, and as the clichéd phrase goes, “the rest is history”. Instead of becoming dejected and  dwelling for too long about the terrible wars of the past, it seems that it is common practice just to create multiple flash-based games that are concerned with the simulation and depiction of them. Apparently, World War Two was fought exclusively in rows of three if this game is to be believed, and the whole thing was controlled by a single player with too much time on their hands.

With Con Artist as the developer here, quality is naturally extremely high on the agenda for this game. Gameplay itself consists of a strategic defense-like format where troops are sent out in a horizontal fashion across the screen to advance on the opposing forces that proceed towards you from the opposite side of the screen, taking shots and diving for cover all the while. The second item apparently on the agenda is simplicity because the action in its entirety is controlled solely with the mouse, which is used to click on each unit type and then on one of the three rows on screen in order to deploy them.

After being deployed, your troops will automatically attack enemies as they encounter them, and victory is secured once you have ruined the enemies’ morale, completed all level objectives, or gotten the geographical/positional jump on them by progressing across the map to their position.

In contrast to its predecessor, Warfare 1944 has three so-called battle planes, which are simply horizontal areas across the screen across which your troops advance. Not only does this create more opportunity for using more troops and exerting force in numbers, it also opens up the game to deeper strategic choices, with the ability to perform manoeuvres like flanking your opponent in order to devastate them and lower their morale.

The game now has two new units in the form of a Bazooka Team Unit and a Mortar Unit, with upgrades in campaign mode still being applied in order to strengthen your army and give a sense of progression in the game.

Warfare 1944 Action

There isn’t much not to like about Warfare 1944. The simple yet engaging gameplay allows you to perform various strategic manoeuvres and utilise a variety of units to use in unison for the purpose of securing victory over the enemy in the most entertaining and challenging of ways.

The highly-polished graphics typical of all Con Artist games also makes the whole experience more enjoyable, and the game simply emanates quality from every element of its construction. In contrast to the colourful and cartoonish design of world war strategy game - World Wars, the dark and gritty aesthetic of this game is typical of a warfare game yet when combined with the gameplay results in a particularly enjoyable experience that immerses you in the heat of Operation Overlord  and even gets you to care just a little about each of the troops as well(though still conveying the dispensable nature of these men due to the sheer number of them you send into battle and to almost-certain death).